Monday, January 10, 2011

Review TodoTweet - Todo Management for Twitter: Fast and Social

If you are a high volume twitter user - todotweet might just be the right tool to manage your todos.

It will integrate easily into your daily routine.  Simply add the #todo hashtag to any of your tweets and todotweet imports this post as a task. Which you than check as done within the app.

All in all it has a very limited feature set. However the idea behind it is simple and compelling.

todotweet todo and task management tool integrates into twitter

Feature Set: Concentrating on the flow

  • twitter integration
  • tasks and their properties
    • due now vs. someday
    • privat vs. public (published on twitter)
    • assigned (not clear, how this works)
  • task overview
    • simple list
    • display by todo properties (private, due now, assignement, tags) and search box#

This is it - no more features needed. Todotweet definitely concentrates on a simple integration into twitter and a useful user flow for creating tasks.

If you are looking for team assignments, commenting, due dates, microblogging, email notifications and so forth probably bantam or mangotasks might be more suitable for you.

Feature rating: 2/5

Design and usability: No Tasks Editing

The overall design is aesthetically pleasing however lacks some core functionality such as editing the tasks or their properties.

Also the lack of a help or support section can be rather frustrating, when trying to figure out the functionality.

From a flow perspective though the tools definitely helps you stay on top of your todos because it uses a daily routine of yours to capture your tasks: twitter posts. Even though I doubt, that a lot of people want their followers seeing all the stuff they have to do, it is an interesting attempt to help people get things done. Also the fact that your tasks become social and you commit to them this way even more.

Due to the fact that there is almost no interaction within the application itself, there cannot be said much about perfermance and speed.

Design rating: 2/5

Price: Free for a Reason

Todotweet is free and due to the limited feature set I cannot imagine a whole lot of people spending significant money on such a tool.

Price: 4/5

Overall Impression: Potential for more

Integrating your todo management into daily routines such as tweeting is nice move. However, the overall lack of todo management features such as due dates, assignements, task editing do not make todotweet a real contender.

Overall rating: 2/5

Checkout the presentation video of todotweet for an overall impression of the todo manager:

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