Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Review: Bantam – Todo Management

Bantam is a CRM multi-feature-application, which we use primarily for task management. We were looking for a todo-management-tool. We started using bantam, because it is fairly simple, we have the possibility to add tasks for someone else in our team, and can also see who has what tasks – and which are overdue :). As a nice addition we also use the dashboard to post work-related status-updates.

Feature Set

  • tasks with:
    • project link
    • type
    • due date
    • assign to person
    • hidden / public
  • tasks overview with different view points
  • team messages
  • dashboard
  • contact manager
  • deals
  • projects
  • files
For me, the major drawback is the superfluous stuff. I just want the task-management. I do not need “Messages” – for that I use email. I do not need “Contacts” – for that I would use the contact-manager of my email-client. Furthermore I do not see the need for “Deals”, “Projects” and “Files” in our company.
There is no possibility to add subtasks to tasks. The calendar can be integrated into the personal Google-calendar, which is nice.
The pricing can be found here – it ranges from $19 per month for a single user to $140 per month for unlimited users.
Feature Rating: 3/5

Design and Usability

2010-11-30 18h12_01
The design can be confusing at times. But once accustomed, it is as simple. The buttons and what they stand for is not intuitive.
A negative aspect of bantam is that it is slow when switching between webpages or after making a drop-down-list selection.
I also found it in the beginning partly non-intuitive to create a new task with the properties I liked the task to have.
Design Rating: 2/5

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