Monday, January 31, 2011

Lifehackers Top 5 To-Do List Managers

Jason Fitzpatrick has written up what to-do list managers the readers of like.

  1. Google Tasks
  2. Paper
  3. Remember The Milk
  4. Things
  5. Toodledo

I would have expected paper to be on top of the list, however google seems to be omnipresent, as ever ;)

Check out the post - there is a video and short explanation to every tool. At the end you can vote for your favourite.


  1. Seems like you just wrote down the list of the top five contenders. As described here (!5575748/best-to+do-list-manager-paper) Paper won the poll, followed by Google Tasks.

  2. Hi Anton!!

    I like your thought. I would like to thank for your great creation.