Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Todo Management Tools: Top 14 Feature Requests by Users

[via lifehacker und Gmail Blog]

As we develop our own task management tool, we of course ask ourselves what features it should incorporate. I stumbled upon two articles. Here is a summary of the features that a perfect todo or task management tool should incorporate:

  1. task lists should vary in appearance (depending on context and time)
  2. the tool should be available on many platforms
  3. the tool should be available on the web as well as an app on mobile devices
  4. it should keep all installations in sync
  5. tasks should be highlighted by a user defined color scheme
  6. mails can be transformed into tasks
  7. tasks can be deferred, so that they are not seen until a certain point in the future
  8. tasks can be captured in a fast and intuitive way
  9. tasks should have enough room for notes
  10. the tool should give the user the power to adjust the settings, so that everyone feels comfortable using the tool
  11. there should be hierarchies between tasks and projects
  12. users should be able to get notifications and reminders
  13. users should be able to share tasks / task lists with others
  14. tasks can be repetitive

Of course there are many more feature wishes out there. We will be on the lookout for more inspiration for our tool.

Feel free to post your feature wishes, ideas and suggestions in the comments.

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