Friday, June 10, 2011

Review: GQueues – A Good Task Manager for Google Users


GQueues is an online task management tool with the look and feel of Google. It is not developed by Google, but is build on the Google App Engine and therefore integrates very well with other Google products. Registration is only possible through a Google account.

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Feature Set: Good Focus on Collaboration

Tasks are grouped into queues (e.g. “To Do”), which in turn can be grouped into categories (e.g. “Home”). As the name queue suggests, tasks are prioritized by their order within a queue.

Tasks can have the following properties:

  • subtasks (which in turn can also have subtasks and so forth)
  • tags
  • due date (can be a repeating task)
  • notes
  • person to whom task is delegated (can be more than one)

You can add a tasks in various ways – you can just choose your preferred way:

  • via the application
  • via mail
  • via instant message (Google Chat)
  • via GMail gadget (convert mails into tasks)
  • via bookmarklet
  • via chrome extension

Organization of tasks is pretty easy. You can drag and drop tasks into a different queue. Tasks can be combined according to label and/or due date into smart queues. You can even implement GTD with a personalized set of queues.

One strong side of GQueues is the ability to collaborate. You can share queues with others, and work on them in real time. You can delegate tasks, even to more than one person. They can update you on their work by commenting the task. In the settings you can choose to block people from assigning tasks to you (or explicitly allow). There are also many notification possibilities.

GQueues also works on mobiles and tablets (even offline). It has a extensive integration into Google Calendar. You can easily learn how to use all the features by watching the Video Tutorials.

As you probably already noticed we at teamaton do not like the fixed concept of lists – or queues as with GQueues. We think it is a outdated concept – you should be able to organize your tasks more freely. I did not like the prioritization within queues, but you can just view it as a list of tasks. There could be a little more aid for easy collaboration. Apart from that the feature list is great.

Feature Rating: 4/5

2011-06-10 16h27_38

Design and Usability: Google-esk

GQueues does not hide the G in its name – the design is close to that of Google Tools. Therefore it is easy for Google users to feel at home. But all in all, the design is a little boring, you may not be motivated to actually do the tasks.

GQueues hides away the features until you hover over a task, which makes the screen not so overloaded.You can drag and drop tasks from one queue to another. There is also a keyboard shortcut for everything.

Design Rating: 2/5

Overall Impression: Good Feature-Set But Boring Design

Since GQueues requires a Google account, it probably will only appeal to Google users. Which is fine, because it is integrates nicely with GMail and Google Calendar. These people will also feel comfortable with the google-esk design.

GQueues comes in two versions: lite (free) and full ($25 per year). The difference is that you get Google Calendar Integration, Reminders and Collaboration only with the full account. Companies can buy many accounts at once and get discounts. To me, the price is totally worth the additional features.

Overall Rating: 3/5


  1. Love GQueues. I have tried so many task managers and this is by far the best. Works with my Andriod device (via HTML5) but works seamlessly.

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